Greg Wilson

"Sounds Like London has done a brilliant job in outlining the connectivity between what’s happening now, what happened back then, and the road in between."

The Soul Survivors

"... incisive, chronological and accurate documentation … fascinating and encyclopedic … should be in the education curriculum."


"Immensely enjoyable guide to an oft-ignored but vital subject ... jam-packed with vivid stories and essential info that places the reader right where the action is."

The Independent

"Bradley writes with panache … this exceptional work can sit proudly beside the author's earlier Bass Culture: When Reggae Was King, the definitive account of the glory days of the Jamaican music industry."

The Sunday Telegraph

"A thoroughly enjoyable cultural history, captures the excitement and beauty of a music that changed the face of Britain for good."


The Big Issue

"A hugely entertaining and informative look at how black music has shaped the musical output of the city over the decades. "

The Hackney Citizen

"Sounds Like London is not just a fantastic account of the history of black music in London, it is the ultimate account."

the Guardian

"Breezily written but always politically astute and critically sharp, it makes telling use of new interviews with important figures such as jazzman Russell Henderson and Eddy Grant."


"A rich, fascinating musical history. It is brought alive by the fact that the figures involved as part of the process from the sixties onwards have contributed with their own reminiscences."

Rating 4.5/5

New Statesman

"The research and the interviews, as well as the author’s comprehensive but lightly worn knowledge, elevate this book from being just a list of notable anniversaries and dry facts."


"This is a major work and a worthy tribute to a vibrant and innovative culture."

The Financial Times

"An honest and passionate celebration of not just the music, but the courage, tenacity and guile of the people who made it ... A lively homage to bands, musicians and songs that might easily have disappeared from view were it not for Bradley’s timely intervention"


The Sunday Times

"Hugely entertaining ... a lively look at how London fell in love with black music"




Caught By The River

“The perfect candidate to write about black music in the UK … a book that’s engrossing, engaging, entertaining and enlightening. A real treat.”

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The Financial Times

Sounds Like London is one of the Financial Times' best four music books of the year

The Daily Telegraph

Sounds Like London as part of the Telegraph's Best Pop Music Books of 2013

Mojo (November issue)

An extract from Sounds Like London, made up of quotes from Jazzie B and Derek Yates

Evening Standard

Lloyd conducts a spot by spot tour of London's black music heritage sites

Camden New Journal

Interview with Lloyd about the writing of Sounds Like London

Rock's Back Pages

Three extracts from Sounds Like London, on lover's rock, the growth of grime and the importance of Eddy Grant

The Guardian

Feature, written by Lloyd, on what made black music in the capital so unique

Red Bull Music Academy

Extract from Sounds Like London, on the birth of the Notting Hill Carnival

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