Previous events that took place around Sounds Like London.  

Sounds Like London LIVE!

The Birdcage, 31.10.13

The very first Sounds Like London LIVE! went off far better than even we could've hoped. Together with former Central Line keyboard player Steve Salvari, we put together a houseband and a bill that included Jazzie B, Dennis Bovell, Zed Bias, Kat Francois, Lionel Macalman, Ruby Mulraine and Carron Wheeler. Thank you very much to Garfield and the staff at the Birdcage for making the night so problem-free.

London Tonight

ITV, 12.08.13

Being interviewed by journalist and presenter Charlene White on the London news programme was among the very first publicity I did for Sounds Like London was a brilliant experience. She was genuinely interested in the history of black music n London and appeared to have actually read the book – something that isn't always the case! Thank you, Charlene.

The Carnival

Notting Hill, 25.08.13

When the BBC World Service offered to take Sounds Like London to the Carnival at 9.30 in the morning my first reaction was "Why?" But it turned out to be a masterstroke on the part of presenter Vincent Dowd. as we got to see a really lively j'ouvert, checked out the kids' parade before they wore themselves out, and by midday there was plenty of atmosphere yet we could walk about anywhere before the roads got blocked off. And, you get to meet some very interesting people.

Open East Festival

Olympic Park, Stratford, 28.07.13

Even a sudden downpour didn't dampen anybody's spirit as Lloyd took part in a panel discussion about London's radio pirates and how they completely changed the course of British black music, not only in the capital but across the entire UK. Also on the panel were Rinse FM's Uncle Dugs and Lindsay Wesker, formerly of Kiss FM. 

Housmans Radical Booksellers

Caledonian Road, N1;  21.08.13

At this standing room only, event a lively crowd enjoyed the first public reading from Sounds Like London. As a  local lad, it wasn't surprising Lloyd saw some old friends there – Cheryl, Nathan and Vince – and made some new ones with another Cheryl and Pippa from DeeperTheBeats online magazine who were there to cover the event.

Thanks to Kinglsey Davis (kinglseydavis.co.uk) for the photos.

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