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What Happened

Brixton Library

Windrush Square; October 2013

When Tim O'Dell, the man in charge of Brixton Library, organised Sounds Like London reading and book signing as part of their Black History Month calendar, even he was surprised at the turnout. As the crowd continued to arrive he sent his staff all over the building to find more chairs, and even then latecomers had to stand. The packed in audience included dub poet laureate Linton Kwesi Johnson, and contributed a lively question and answer session following the reading, and many carried on getting books signed or talking to Lloyd until Tim literally had to turn the lights out. Big thanks to everybody at Brixton Library for putting on such a brilliant ever.



It was a fantastic turnout at Brixton library

The crowd were particularly appreciative

Signing books, always a brat chance to meet your readers.

With Tim O'Dell and his second in command, who organised the event,

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